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MagnifyB is a SaaS application created to help Micro and Small businesses get the help and support they need but perhaps cannot yet afford from Consultants and Advisors. It Uses logic and AI to ask important questions, offer tailored advice & provide a comprehensive learning platform, to improve your business.

The Need >>

There are c5.7m UK businesses with less than 10 employees. They employ 9.1m people and generate £930bn in revenues. They have an average annual turnover of around £162K. Over 60% of all SMEs fail in the first 3 years. 56% of SME failures are due to “Bad Management”(BEIS).c300K businesses fail every year, with c600K job losses. Just 26% of SMEs sought external help last year & this number is declining. There is too much disparate information available online for businesses that need affordable, tailored, trusted advice to grow & exit.

Why MagnifyB >>

A Unique online approach to SME business advice

Tailored management development through e-Learning

WhatIf© analysis and an AI-driven adviser

Many Data Sources, One Performance Dashboard

Peer-Benchmarked, Business Assessment Toolset

Helping to break the cycle of business failures in the UK

A Unique online approach to SME business advice

Many Data Sources, One Performance Dashboard

Tailored management development through e-Learning

WhatIf© analysis and an AI-driven adviser

Helping to break the cycle of business failures in the UK

Peer-Benchmarked, Business Assessment Toolset

Our Team >>

Simon Groom

CEO, Adviser Lead, Mentor

David Griffiths

CFO, Numbers Wizard

Dan Newman FCCA

Adviser, Markets

Martin Ayrton

Adviser, CTO

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MagnifyB is already being heralded as a “Game Changer for SMEs” by Senior Accountants.

With dynamic management information, business intelligence and insights, and using a company’s own data, performance management and benchmarking has never been easier for small companies.

If you’d like to get excellent returns in a potential fast-growth tech company, then get in touch with us here at MagnifyB and join our investment journey.

We are also HMRC pre-approved for SEIS & EIS.

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MagnifyB can help:

  • Accounts make large savings on Bad Data costs!
  • Membership organisations to retain & attract members.
  • Investors create consistent KPIs, resulting in effective Investee business management & reporting & improved ROI.

Why be apart of the testing team for MagnifyB >>

The MagnifyB Platform will shortly be available to a select number of small businesses, for the purpose of Beta Testing.

Companies which are selected for this initial programme will be offered a chance to use the MagnifyB Platform for a period of 12 months, FOC.

Our second round of customer testing will incorporate a new, more comprehensive version of the Platform, which will be offered to a larger number of businesses at a massively discounted subscription rate, for a period of at least 12 months.

Testimonials >>

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A fresh, new tool in a business owner’s arsenal, MagnifyB has the potential to revolutionise the way in which leaders in SME businesses operate and change their fortunes for the better.

  • Dan Newman
  • Quant Accountants
Client Image

The forum is very interested to get the finished product and service out to our 18,000 small business members, particularly small businesses who want to ensure solid growth, to achieve an effective sale.

  • Ian Cass, CEO
  • The Forum of Private Business
Client Image

Magnify B is a game changer for start up businesses and growing businesses. Having the right information about every activity in the business is more vital than ever. I wish this had been available when I started my businesses

  • Ewan Sturman
  • Asentiv

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